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PVCP Rolling Fund Q2 Investments

We are pleased to announce our Q2 2023 investments from the Project Voice Capital Partners Rolling Fund.

Jaid is an AI-powered platform that identifies and extracts critical data from across diverse company and customer communications. The company is focused on the financial services space, servicing global clients through their UK headquarters and strong presence in New York City.

A chance encounter in Birmingham, Alabama, led to Project Voice Capital Partners learning of the company and its compelling story of traction, growth, and strategy within a unique industry niche.

"The Project Voice Capital Partners team was a joy to work with," said Dan Kramer, Jaid CEO. "They understood the business rapidly and asked all the right questions. We're excited about this partnership."

At the beginning of April, Project Voice Capital Partners worked with the Generative AI group on LinkedIn, which boasts well over a million followers, to spread the word of the conversational AI fund. Collaboratively, we wanted to find the best generative AI startups around the world, and select one for a pre-seed check.

Inpris was among those that heeded the call.

The company's technology is impressive, with eight patents and strong productization of their conversational AI tools. But perhaps more impressive is the company's focus on the automotive niche, where they have carved out a strong market presence.

"When we saw the opportunity to get in front of Project Voice Capital Partners, we got excited," said Nissan Yaron, CEO of Inpris. "Already, PVCP has added value well beyond the money."

Though the pipeline of promising conversational AI startups is strong heading into Q3, we'd still love to hear from you. Feel free to send your pitch deck and any other pertinent information about your company's conversational AI endeavors to and

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