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Project Voice Capital Partners invests in top-tier early-stage startups and entrepreneurs leveraging conversational AI - voice/audio, text, and chat - to facilitate advances in human+computer interaction.

We are witnessing the birth of a new technological paradigm, with new companies building compelling businesses on the foundation of natural language-enabled artificial intelligence.

It's a time full of change, and as history has shown us repeatedly, change brings venture-grade investment opportunities with it. 


PVCP is led by Bradley Metrock and Marc Ladin. Metrock hosted influential podcast This Week In Voice for nine seasons (2017-2023), writes the Substack newsletter This Week In Voice VIP, and programs the longstanding invitation-only conference for conversational AI in the United States, also of the same name.


Marc Ladin is one of the early venture capitalists in the conversational AI space, investing for the last few years with VoicePunch.


PVCP is proud to have as venture partners Adam Cheyer, co-founding both Apple's Siri and Samsung's Bixby, along with social cause website and AI company Sentient Technologies. Noted artificial intelligence veteran Neil Jacobstein serves as technical advisor to the fund, as well as Asia-Pacific venture scout.

Project Voice Capital Partners is currently raising capital for PVCP TALOS, a global AI fund. 

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