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Project Voice Capital Partners Q3 & Q4 2023 investments announced

Project Voice Capital Partners is pleased to announce its Q3 and Q4 (2023) investments, bringing to a close an exciting year for conversational AI companies across the world.

Aiera, Joyn, and join Novel Effect, SusuRobo, Jaid, and Inpris to comprise the Project Voice Capital Partners rolling fund portfolio for calendar year 2023.


Led by Ken Sena and Bryan Healey, Aiera leverages AI to analyze tens of thousands of investor events to provide real-time financial insight.


Led by Larissa Licha and Kendra Wilkins, Joyn applies AI to the modern workplace to reduce repetitive tasks and unlock greater productivity.

Led by CEO Surbhi Rathore, uses generative AI to convert corporate unstructured data into structured insights.

Welcome aboard to these excellent companies led by excellent teams.

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